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Security escorts

3PS Security Escorts are generally used to escort high value merchandise, either at home or abroad. Once instructions are received from the client, the Escorts are put in place to secure the cargo and continue to do so until it reaches its final destination, whether by road, rail, sea or air.
Security Escorts have been in the past utilized to implement their security skills upon yachts as a deterrent against piracy. They have gained their particular skills and expertise by serving in the Marines and also elite special boat services.

Our operatives are available on short or long-term contracts and can be dispatched anywhere in the world. It is understood that necessary insurances will be taken out by the client, further to which cargo can only be escorted when accompanied by the relevant paperwork and customs clearance in accordance to that country's regulations.


Residential and property security
With the increasing amount of residential vandalism, theft, aggravated burglaries and even kidnappings there is a growing concern for home safety. These experiences can be harrowing and can leave you feeling very vulnerable at the place you should feel the most secure.

3PS Security understands the need for discretion and privacy for you and your family, so every residential security plan is tailored to suit the client's lifestyle and needs by providing complete security without being invasive and interfering in your private life.

Our Residential Security Teams consist entirely of qualified Close Protection Officers who are all vastly experienced in private security work. The advantage of using close protection officers is that they can be used to manage any other security requirements you or your family may have. Our officers are personable, discrete and highly professional ensuring you the utmost protection you require.
Our residential security teams will give you peace of mind whether you are at home or away.

Electronic Access Control, Surveillance
Recent court cases media reports and documentaries have illustrated that corporate information is a prized and sought after commodity. There is an easy access to telecommunication equipment, which enables re-routing and tapping of any particular line. It is also very simple to drill holes through window frames and external walls to place probe microphones to gather audio intelligence.

Active, passive and voice operated (VOX) eavesdropping devices can be attached to telephone, mains wiring, or planted in fixtures Or fittings in any part of a building

3PS can provide a consultancy service for commercial and government properties and senior executive' homes to ensure that they are safeguarded Against electronic and physical surveillance.

Security, Survey & Consultancy

The company works in conjunction with existing security departments and organisations to produce an independent, objective and un-biased work/study risk assessment, report their findings and advise, where necessary, to correct and improve the existing system. The company continues to watch and monitor the latest equipment on the security market and has no agreement with any manufacturer or Installation Company, so advice tendered is completely un-biased.

3PS offers a Security Consultancy Service Specialising in state of the art technology. After a survey and a security appreciation to assess the threat level, the company will produce a detailed proposal, which include anticipated costing for the proposed scheme. Each survey will be undertaken by two of our consultants.

Computer Security/Data Protection
Computer centers are vulnerable either as buildings in their own right, or as parts of a whole. Computer, which deal with accounts, are open to sophisticated tampering giving rise to all kinds of fraud. The physical fragility of computers makes them attractive to Criminals/Terrorists for attacks or espionage, poses risk of confidential data being examined. We are able to advise and implement, where necessary, a loss prevention program. 

Close Protection, VIP Security

At 3PS Security Ltd, we know how important it is to have good close protection officer/s/bodyguards there when you need them. Bodyguards or body guarding is no longer the privilege and domain of governments and the wealthy. The need for professional bodyguard and security services are becoming common at every level of the social and business strata. 

That is why all our close protection officers/bodyguards come with vast amount of experience and knowledge ready for the assignment you require. Bodyguards are also known as close protection, executive protection, VIP protection or personal security details (PSD). Crime, terrorism and business continue to expand on global level. Business executives, tourists, travelers, journalists, diplomats, engineers, geologists, court witnesses, government officials, celebrities, sports personalities and high-net-worth individuals are all increasingly becoming the target of physical and financial threats and risks. It’s hard to identify anywhere in the world that can be truly classified as "safe". Terrorism and violent crime are on the increase, with political and religious unrest now commonplace.

Close Protection (CP)/bodyguards can be a team of any number of men or woman or a single person. A bodyguard (Close Protection officer) is someone who must be able to establish a good working rapport with his/her VIP and all persons concerned when on duty. 

A good bodyguards/Close protection Officer will be able to blend into the background (business and social), of any scenario the BG (Bodyguards) encounters with his/her principle, like a chameleon. A good professional BG (Bodyguards) must be someone for every occasion.



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