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The  3PS GROUP  is the combined services offered across

3 Primary Sectors:



3PS was formed with a view to offering the private and commercial sectors with a comprehensive consultancy, high level management and support services unparalleled by any other company in this field. With over 22 years security experience in the management team, 3PS is owned and operated by ex military personnel who have adapted and enhanced their skills and knowledge of the industry through rigorous on the ground and active training & service in both civil and military duties. 3PS has dedicated itself to researching and developing new training methods and work force in a bid to promote a more highly trained organisation, thus creating a more secure environment.










Our service extends far beyond the corporate, media and commercial sectors. We also commit to working within our local community, where there's a 3PS operative there is a community interaction. We are prepared to travel to any location at home or abroad, to assess and advise on your individual requirements. We have the resources, expertise and experienced personnel, which enable us to provide this degree of flexibility. Our top team of consultants and instructors, all of whom have served with distinction in their relative fields are available to advise and where necessary, implement programs of an extremely high professional standard.

3PS Staff undergo stringent checks before commencing operational duties. We maintain an experienced team of reserve staff to provide cover in an emergency and also to assist in new contracts where it is essential to have experience and stability from the outset.
Our staff not only represent the public face of the company, they form the very foundations upon which it is built and therefore their welfare and training is one of our highest priorities.

Our mission
It is the mission of the 3PS GROUP of companies to provide the best and most effective services to all of its Clients according to their needs and budgets and to uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our dealings with our clients and the public at large, at the same time to provide quality employment opportunities throughout the country.

It is through the provision of well trained, highly professional staff that 3PS will

continue to provide the best quality professional services to our clients. It is the our aim to continually raise our standards and those of the Industry in general ever higher. 

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3PS Group


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