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3PS Security Ltd consists of a small group of professionals who believe in the quality and not the quantity of services provided. Therefore we don’t just put a badge on the job we put professionals.

3PS Security Ltd believes in retaining good talent and upholds a standard of excellence that benefits your organization and ours. We create an environment that motivates our security personnel by encouraging personal and professional growth and development through continuous training to keep inline with the ever changing laws and licensing requirements .

Our benefits and comprehensive Program is designed to attract and keep an elite corps of security specialists.

All operatives are licensed and registered by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) some of which are first aid certified and approved and exceed government requirements as they are highly trained and experienced in their field.

Our talented team of managers constantly monitor site operations from the field, regional offices and corporate headquarters. Frequent contact with senior management and regular site inspections by trained area managers assure clients of the close Operational supervision needed to maintain optimum performance.

Our operations team include ex servicemen, close protection officers, professional door supervisors and security Personnel, all with years 0f experience at doing their jobs as team leaders, all with a professional attitude and are capable of providing quality service.

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3PS Security Ltd is headed by a management team that has gained many years experience, in the field and at management Level, in the security industry. The company boasts a high quality and highly experienced management and support infrastructure.  

A member of our team is always available to call or discuss your security needs.

We not only provide a security service, but we also assist in customer service, health and safety and planning in order to ensure the smooth and safe running of your unique requirements.


Static Guards

The presence of one or more static security guard on site 24 hours a day, seven days per week has proven to be an extremely effective method of securing sites and business premises. Even though CCTV is present in the majority of locations your business’s security Is still dependent on the physical presence of a guard to act quickly on any information gathered through CCTV cameras. It is also a well Known fact that the presence of a uniformed static security guard will probably deter the ‘would be’ thief or vandal where CCTV cameras may not. We are specialists in the provision of static security guards for special one-off events such as Conferences and seminars, exhibitions and trade shows, private functions, car park marshalling at outdoor events, exhibit protection for museums, galleries, shows and retail premises at peak periods.

Retail and Store Security/Detectives
Our Store Detectives operate actively in preventing theft and reporting all incidents to the police.
At 3PS our Store Detective work actively together with the store manager to prevent theft from customers and also from staff. A common control is to check staff when leaving work and also check when products are delivered to the store. The Store Detective also conduct secret tests by buying articles, in order to ensure that staff is using the cash-registers appropriately. As a Store Detective it is important to blend in and to work in a way that does not arise any suspision of who you are.

any will produce a detailed proposal, which include anticipated costing for the proposed scheme. Each survey will be undertaken by two of our consultants.

Electronic Access Control, Surveillance
Recent court cases media reports and documentaries have illustrated that corporate information is a prized and sought after commodity. There is an easy access to telecommunication equipment, which enables re-routing and tapping of any particular line. It is also very simple to drill holes through window frames and external walls to place probe microphones to gather audio intelligence.

Active, passive and voice operated (VOX) eavesdropping devices can be attached to telephone, mains wiring, or planted in fixtures Or fittings in any part of a building

3PS can provide a consultancy service for commercial and government properties and senior executive' homes to ensure that they are safeguarded Against electronic and physical surveillance.

Computer Security/Data Protection
Computer centers are vulnerable either as buildings in their own right, or as parts of a whole. Computer, which deal with accounts, are open to sophisticated tampering giving rise to all kinds of fraud. The physical fragility of computers makes them attractive to Criminals/Terrorists for attacks or espionage, poses risk of confidential data being examined. We are able to advise and implement, where necessary, a loss prevention program. 

Door Supervisors & Venue Security
3PS Security Ltd is committed to providing the very best security door supervisors (bouncers) and business support staff in the industry. We believe that staff welfare and maintaining high levels of retention are vital to a successful operation. With a highly trained, fully licensed team of security professionals, we provide innovative integrated security solutions to industry, commerce and public sector organizations nationwide.

3PS Security officers undergo a full 5 year screening to BS7858 before commencing operational duties. In addition, we maintain an experienced team of reserve security officers to provide cover in an emergency and also to assist in new contracts where it is essential to have experience and stability from the outset.

Event Security and Response teams
3PS Security  can cater for all your crowd management and event security needs by providing a complete service, including crowd safety personnel, pit barrier teams, health and safety officers, traffic management officers and even SIA registered close protection officers for visiting VIP's that you may have attending your event or response teams that need a more highly trained staff. 3PS Security also has a dedicated security dog section. Our four legged team can be used for roles such as search, drug detection and crowd control.

Our event security team, wherever possible are recruited from the venue's local area, ensuring that you are never hit with big added expense of travel costs. Our national teams of experienced event security staff help us to provide this level of service and as a result means staff are always alert and not starting work after a long journey to the event.

Home & Business Security, Survey & Consultancy

The company works in conjunction with existing security departments and organisations to produce an independent, objective and un-biased work/study risk assessment, report their findings and advise, where necessary, to correct and improve the existing system. The company continues to watch and monitor the latest equipment on the security market and has no agreement with any manufacturer or Installation Company, so advice tendered is completely un-biased.

3PS offers a Security Consultancy Service Specialising in state of the art technology. After a survey and a security appreciation to assess the threat level, the company will produce a detailed proposal, which include anticipated costing for the proposed scheme. Each survey will be undertaken by two of our consultants.


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